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INVESTRAC is a comprehensive business platform for Private Equity funds helping them manage transactions, monitor investee companies and facilitate LP interaction and accountability.


In the present private equity scenario where capital is scarce and investors lay significant emphasis on transparency and accountability for the capital being managed, INVESTRAC proves to be an invaluable tool in meeting the functional and operational needs as well as perception of the fund.


INVESTRAC has been developed after extensive research and inputs from professionals in the private equity industry.


The product high points are :

  • Relationship mapping and management.
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Transaction mapping and management
  • Knowledge and Resource optimization and management
  • Portfolio management, monitoring, tracking and value add
  • Investor relations, investor mapping and investor information
  • Mapping and monitoring of prospective exits and strategic initiatives
  • Detailed analysis and reporting


The product provides an end to end integrated platform which would assist the fund starting right from the fund conception and its fund raising initiatives till the exit of the portfolio companies.


The product is an invaluable tool when it comes to monitoring investee companies and ensuring compliance on various investment parameters.

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