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Private Equity focussed investment banks have to operate in an environment wherein competition is immense, mandates are non exclusive, fee structures are success based and significant amount of human and capital resources get invested in driving transactions home. With competing investment banks vying for the same slice of the pie it is imperative that an organization is fleet footed, can harness its resources to the optimum and have an institutionalized knowledge base whereby it can maintain its competitive edge.


DEALTRAC is an end to end integrated product which caters to the needs of boutique as well as mid and large sized investment banks.


DEALTRAC has been created after extensive research and use of domain knowledge and is a comprehensive tool which assists investment banking firms in streamlining operations and giving them the much needed competitive edge while at the same time helping the firm in optimizing on its human and capital resources.


DEALTRAC is an invaluable tool for institutionalizing knowledge, one of the most critical assets of an organization and assisting the firm in optimizing on its human network


The key highlights of DEALTRAC are:

  • Network mapping and relationship management.
  • Deal sourcing management.
  • Deal Pipeline mapping and management.
  • Transaction mapping, monitoring and management.
  • Knowledge and Resource optimization and management.
  • Structured analysis and reporting.


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